The programme is be subject to an ex ante evaluation and strategic environmental assessment (SEA). An ex ante evaluation is required for each programme in order to improve the quality of its design, while the SEA is needed in order to analyse the environmental impacts of the programme and includes both consultations with the relevant authorities and with the general public.

SEA Consultation

Based on decision of the Joint Working Group responsible for planning the future Operational Programme for the 2014-2020 programming period, starting with 19 March 2014 the consultation procedure concerning the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was initiated.

As a first step, the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary sent out the official request for the responsible authorities from both Hungary and Romania to consult the Scoping Report for SEA.

During the consultation procedure environmental authorities from the two members states have been invited to review and comment the document. Based on these, and also taking into consideration the decision taken in the meantime by the JWG on the thematic objectives and investment priorities to be financed in the frame of the future Programme, the Scoping Report has been finalised and published below.